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Johnny Alibi performed in the southern California area for over a decade after relocating there from Chicago.  While The Excuse was his primary focus, Johnny has also appeared with Davey Hurricane and the Bad Weather Band, The L.A. Sindicate, and the Real and Dove Band in California.  Johnny Alibi returned to the Midwest in 2002, performing all over the south-central region with The Excuse as well as participating in many of the local jam sessions including the Willows Tavern, Afton Pub and Bad Brad's.  In 2006 he formed a duo, Barley and Hops, utilizing an electronic drummer to offer an energetic array of classic rock favorites in a small venue without the sometimes overpowering sound levels of live drums. Finally back in his beloved southern California - snow and cold are for lunatics! - Johnny is currently working on recording original material and he is available for performances either as a duo (Vintage Radio) or a full band with live drums for your entertainment needs. You can reach Johnny by email at  

Besides music, Johnny also loves cars and motorcycles.  To see what else he's been working on click on this link or if you prefer bikes try this one 

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